Who Is James Chamberlain?

James Chamberlain was a Revolutionary War Patriot and WAGS member Betty Jane Hylton, a well known genealogy researcher has written an excellent article about him.
The article was just published in the Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Quarterly, issue Sept. 2013, v. 54, no. 227.

This issue includes the article on pp. 8-9 by Betty Jane Hylton, titled “James Chamberlain”, who is a Rev. War. Patriot who moves from Maryland to Washington Co TN by 1784.

We think this is pretty special and would like to congratulate Betty Jane for having this article published.  

The Johnson City Public Library has this issue in their genealogical holdings along with many other resources if you are interested in finding out more about James Chamberlain.

The Southern Genealogist’s Exchange website is located at:   www.sgesjax.org

Great Job Betty Jane !!!