We posted this picture asking if anyone knew the names of these fine young men at a rock quarry in our area.   We now have the names!   You can click on the picture for a larger view.  Are you related to any of them?  Let us know!   QuarryThis rock quarry has been identified as being at James P. Gray’s place. These are the names;

James P. Niles, Howard Gray, Ralph Gray, Albert (Tad) Fitzgerald, Jack Johnson,

Jess Crowe, Paul Barnes, Auther Buckingham, Charles Cash, Ralph Stout,

Joe Ferguson, Cecil Fitzgerald, Harmon (Buzz) Crowe, Roy Jenkins,
D. Cater Barnes, M. Coggins, Loyd Shipley, D.F. Lyons, Raymond Fitzgeral,
Doy Fitzgeral, Cargle Hale Bob Johnson, and Harrison Boy.
A BIG Thank YOU to whomever supplied the names.
We posted this picture of students at Gray Elementary School at the same time we posted the quarry picture.  Surely someone knows who these students are.  Help, help help!  
You’ll get an A and go to the head of the class if you have the answers!  Click on the picture for a larger view.
Gray Elem
Thanks for your interest, come back again to see what else we’ve found that needs YOUR help!