Can You Help Us Identify These Folks? Please!

Genealogists love old pictures……..and we have two photographs from many years back that we could use some help with.
The first is a picture of some students from Gray Elementary School right here in our northeast Tennessee area.   Are you from Gray………anyone look familiar?   You can comment about the photo by clicking here, and scrolling to the Reply box,  or if you prefer, send an email to Betty Jane Hylton by clicking her name.

Gray Elem


Our second photo has us really wondering about it.  It is a picture of a quarry some where locally ….we think…..  many workers are shown in the picture.  We aren’t sure of the date, but the old car or truck in the photo might be a clue……did you have any family who worked in the quarries?  We would like to know where this is, who the people are and when the photo was taken…..!    Here again, you can comment about the photograph or send an email to Betty Jane Hylton.


Thanks for taking the time to look at these old photos….who knows one of them may be your family member!