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To order a book from our list, please print out our BOOK ORDER FORM and mail to the address below with your payment.Shipping Charge: $5.00 for the 1st book and $3.00 for each additional book in the same order to cover postage and handling inside the continental USA. Mail book order form with your check or money order to: Watauga Association of Genealogists, P.O. Box 117 Johnson City, TN 37605-0117






    DSC03104  $15.00 EACH 

Also available now on DVD:   


This DVD includes information on 60 Confederate and 14 Union Civil War Soldiers interred in Oak Hill Cemetery and the military units they served with.  The author has included compiled military service records, period music, flag presentation ceremony and photos with live footage link to enhance the DVD making for hours of reading for the viewer.  Interesting data was found in researching the soldiers. Price: $15.00 each plus $3.50 shipping/handling charge.



Washington County, Tennessee Death Records,  1925-1936, by WAGS 2009                                                                                $25.00


Tennessee Bible and Family Records, Bicentennial Issue 1796-1996, published by WAGS, 1996. This book is 8.5″ x11″, hardcover, Smythe sewn, buckram binding, acid-free paper, 390 pages, plus 76 pages of 3 column, full name index.  $10.00 On sale now for $5.00 & $5.00 postage.

Buy online here.

Subject Index of the WAGS Bulletins, 1972-2001 48 pages. paperback     $12.00
WAGS BULLETINS, For a list of back issues and price, send a stamped-self-address envelope to : Watauga Association of Genealogists, PO Box 117, Johnson City, TN 37605-0117
Washington County, Tennessee Marriage Records, 1871-1899.  The book is 8.5″ x 11,” laminated softcover, perfect binding, 248 pages, acid-free paper. Index lists the full name of the brides, grooms, and persons officiating.            $25.00 On sale now for $15.00 & $5.00 postage.

Buy online here. 


Cemeteries of Unicoi County, by the Unicoi County (TN) Historical Society. hardcover, 427 pages $33.00
Connection in East Tennessee, by Olga Jones Edwards and Izora Waters paperback, 430 pages $30.00
Heirloom Conversation Guide: Easy, Effective, Inexpensive Ways to Record a Life Story, by Tracy Witham. trade paperback, 32 pages $10.00
History of the Family of Addington in United States and England, by Hugh A. Addington. hardcover, 120 pages $10.00
John Sevier as a Commonwealth Builder, by James R. Gilmore. hardcover $20.00
Johnson County Census Records, by Thomas W. Gentry. paperback
1870 Census, paperback, 128 pages  
1880 Census, paperback, 192 pages  
1900 Census, paperback, 224 pages 
1910 Census, paperback, 273 pages
1920 Census, paperback, 269 pages
Leonard Shoun and His Wife Barbara Slemp of Johnson County, Tennessee, by Carl B. Neal. hardcover, 275 pages
paperback                       $22.00
Life of General John Sevier, by Francis Marion Turner. hardcover
Nolichucky Jack, by John T. Faris. hardcover
Samuel Doak, by Earle W. Crawford. paperback $6.00
 Walking With the Walkers, by Edward R. Walker III. paperback.


Appalachian Scrapbook, by Pauline Cheek. Juvenile non-fiction, paperback, 161 pages $15.00
Between the States: Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia During the Civil War, by V.N. “Bud” Phillips. hardcover $25.00
Blue Ridge Stemwinder: an Illustrated History of the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad and the Linville River Railway, by John R. Waite and Chris H. Ford. hardcover $60.00
Book of Kings: the King Family’s Contribution to the History of Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia, by V.N. “Bud” Phillips. hardcover $30.00
Civil and Political History of Tennessee, by John Haywood. hardcover $33.00
Day They Hung the Elephant, The, by Charles Edwin Price. paperback $6.00
Emancipator, The, by Elihu Embree. paperback $10.00
Gracie and the Mountain, by Emilie Ervin Powell. softcover $10.00
Greasy Cove in Unicoi County, by Pat Alderman. paperback $5.00
Growing Up Country and Liking It!, byGrace Ollis Calhoun, Jean Ollis Honeycutt and Jessie Shields Strickland. softcover $7.00
Harpeth River: A Biography, by James A. Crutchfield. hardcover $20.00
Historic Sullivan, by Oliver Taylor. hardcover $30.00
History of Hamilton County and Chattanooga, Tennessee, by Zella Armstrong. hardcover, Vol. 1   & Vol. 2
 $33.00 v.1

$30.00 v.2


History of Washington County, Tennessee, 2001. compiled by Washington County Historical Association. hardcover $80.00

ON SALE FOR $30.00 & $5.00 postage.

Hougland’s Index to Johnson County, Tennessee Deeds, 1836 – 1865, by Margaret W. Hougland,
laminated softcover,148 pages.
An Interview with Andrew Jackson, by Ruth Smalley. paperback $10.00
An Interview with Andrew Johnson, by Ruth Smalley. paperback $10.00
An Interview with James K. Polk, by Ruth Smalley. paperback $10.00
Johnson City, The Way We Were, compiled by J.O. Leiws. paperback $5.00
Jonesborough: The First Century of Tennessee’s First Town, by Paul M. Fink. hardcover $18.00
Kingsport: a Romance of Industry, by Howard Long. hardcover $22.00
Life in the Orphanage [Knoxville] $13.00
Pioneers in Paradise: Legends and Stories From Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia, by V.N. “Bud” Phillips. hardcover, 222 pages
Sketches of Tennessee’s Pioneer Baptist Preachers, by J.J. Burnett. hardcover $22.00
Sullivan County Tennessee, by Dena Williams Porter, Juvenile non-fiction. Paperback 64 pages
Tennessee Post Office Murals, by Howard Hull. paperback $13.00
Tennessee Tales the Textbooks Don’t Tell, by Jennie Ivey, Calvin Dickinson and Lisa Rand, Juvenile non-fiction,200 pages hardcover,  $22.95,    softcover  $12.95
Tennessee: Territory to Statehood, by Dave Foster. paperback $5.00
Tilson Grist Mill, by Pat Alderman. paperback $4.00
Trek of the Ancient Spirits: the Early History of Bays Mountain, Tennessee, by Brenda Calloway. paper $15.00
Tweetsie Country, by Mallory Hope Ferrell, hardcover $45.00
Tweetsie: the Blue Ridge Stemwinder, by Elizabeth Black and Julian Scheer. hardcover $13.00
The Wataugans, by Max Dixon. paperback $10.00
Widows’ Dowers of Washington County, Tennessee, 1803-1899, by Gary R. Toms and William R. Gann, hardcover, 506 pages  $45.00 On Sale $30.00

& $5.00 postage.

History of Other States

German Invasion of Western North Carolina, by Jacqueline Burgin Painter. paperback, 127 pages

History of Watauga County, North Carolina with Sketches of Prominent Families, by John Preston Arthur. hardcover, 380 pages $33.00
Western North Carolina: a History from 1730 to 1913, by John Preston Arthur. hardcover, 679 pages $38.00
Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800, by Lewis Preston Summers. Two volumes. hardcover $75.00
Appalachian Genesis: The Clinch River Valley from Prehistoric Times to the End of the Frontier Era,
by Richard Lee Fulgham. 166 pages, hardcover
History of Scott County, Virginia, by Robert M. Addington. hardcover $25.00
Story of Wise County, Virginia, by Luther F. Addington. hardcover $25.00
Tazewell County, by Louise Leslie. hardcover $35.00
Wise County, Virginia, by Luther F. Addington. hardcover $28.00
Kentucky’s Last Frontier, by Henry P. Scalf. hardcover, 576 pages. $35.00
Cherokee Indian History
Indian Summer: the Siege and Fall of Fort Loudon, by Joe D. Guy, softcover $20.00
Torchlights to the Cherokees, by Robert Sparks Walker. hardcover , 339 pages $28.00


The Melungeons, by Bonnie Ball. paperback, 114 pages $10.00
My Melungeon Hertiage: a Story of Life on Newman’s Ridge, by Mattie Ruth Johnson. paperback, 156 pages $13.00


Bridge Burners by Cameron Judd. paperback $10.00
Carter’s Raid by William Garrett Piston. paperback $9.00
Cowpens Battlefield: a Walking Guide, by Lawrence E. Babits. paperback, 74 pages $5.00
History of the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry, by Alexander Eckel, hardcover $28.00
History of the 13th Regiment, Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry, by Samuel W. Scott and Samuel P. Angel. hardcover  $28.00
History of the First Regiment of the Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry, by W.R. Carter. hardcover $28.00
Jack May’s War, by Robert Perry. softcover $15.00
Loyal Mountaineers of Tennessee, by Thomas William Humes. hardcover $28.00

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