Are You Related To One Of The First Settlers?


Dear WAGS Members,

A few days ago a new “History” story was posted on the website titled, “Trouble On The Horizon”. This was part two in a series taken from the WAGS publication “Washington County, Tennessee History 1988”  I am happy so many of you are reading the postings on our early history.

A few of you have responded to the question that was asked –  Are you related to any of the “First Settlers” in the area?  But you weren’t sure how to let us know.

Here’s how to do that.   Send an email to:   and let us know who you are related to and if you have any stories about them or your family please, tell us!

I’d like to share this information on the WAGS website about how so many of us actually are descended from these brave souls who came into this wilderness and carved out a life for themselves.   Don’t worry,  your full name won’t be posted unless you’ve given  written permission to do so.  Otherwise, only your first name and last name initial will be linked to whomever you are descended from.  Let’s see how many names we can link to.

Shortly I will be posting a list of early settler’s names taken from the Washington County, TN 1988 book and asking anyone who views our website to submit their relationships to them.  I wonder how many are out there?

I think this will call for an entirely new web page on the website!  Can anyone think of a catchy name for it?  I’m open to suggestions!  Send it along with your ancestor names! Thanks to all of you,
Joani D.  webmaster

p.s.  One of my first settlers in the area is Peter Range who was on tax lists for Washington County in 1787!  His house still stands in Johnson City.